Magenta Moment

Magenta is having a moment and I couldn’t be happier. I am also thrilled that Clara Sun Woo, who I have partnered with for a few years now, has added this wonderful color to their line of liquid leather. I cannot say enough good things about Clara Sun Woo, who I have featured here, here and here. There is a reason I partner with this brand; excellent quality, wonderful price point and versatility.

Clara Sun Woo jacket (use Lesley10), Proenza Schouler faux leather skirt, Dior booties, Gucci scarf, YSL sunglasses, Pamela Lauz earrings and necklace Use code Lesley15. Michael Kors blouse.

Pairing magenta with burgundy works well because both colors have some blue in them. So when I married the two pieces, it seemed a match made in heaven. You can view the Instagram reels I did here.

Adding this colorful scarf, which contains both magenta and burgundy, pulled the top and bottom together.

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  • Hi Lesley,
    It’s nice you went to NYC to support your friend.
    I will never ever understand hate crimes. I find any kind of violence verbal and physical so disturbing. I hear you loud and clear. Why another person would target anyone of color or religious belief is so horrid.
    Be safe and sending you a week that sparks with joy.

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