Clara Sun Woo Does It Again

The mother-daughter team of Clara and Roseann Sun Woo have done it again with this wonderful dress. This perfectly packable easy-to-wear dress is a twist on their classic turtleneck midi dress that I featured here.

I love the colors of the brush strokes of this dress, and although it is a midi length I don’t think that I will shorten it. There is a certain elegance about it at this length.

The material of this dress is very packable, I did not have to steam it out after I removed it from the package. That lends itself to a high score for travel purposes!

In the winter I will add boots and even sleeves to layer underneath in the form of a black long-sleeved blouse or tee. I wouldn’t necessarily add a sweater, for fear that it would hide the brush strokes.

To order this or anything from the Clara Sun Woo collection, click here and use my discount code Lesley10.

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  • Hi Lesley,
    What an interesting topic. I’ve been retired since 2012. In my entire career and owning our own business for almost all those years I always viewed my personal success by the goals I reached and if I was able to reach my financial goals. As you know anyone that has been successful that person had to work smart and long hours. Of course you never ever give up. Having the “attitude determines altitude” is so important. Since retirement I so view success differently. It’s not viewed about all the beautiful things you own and have but by the way you treat others and how present you are for others and how well you handle hurtles that you face. I quote often what my best forever friend and friend forever from my home town in San Francisco shared with me once. “When all is taken away from you, what
    Is left how you respond.” That way of being spoke volumes to me. I think at the end of the day it’s important to count your blessings and to never ever give up hope. That is a successful person. If you love what you do the financial success will follow if you believe in yourself. I agree with what you shared.
    Your photo is beautiful.

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