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The purpose of this post is to show you that hanging on to a great dress is always a good idea! Hoarding clothes is not something I do; I turn my clothes over and sell them, to recycle and make room for the new. It should come as no surprise that I am somewhat addicted to fashion and have found that selling my clothes after they’ve had a good run, is something that has worked well for me (and Jeff!). That being said, when clothes are special in either their design or association, they never leave my closet. Such is the case with this unique dress purchased for a trip to Greece five years ago. Admittedly, this dress is not worn on repeat, but because I love its design, I have kept it. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take it for a spin in Malibu, and after doing so, decided to dedicate a photo shoot and post about it. I think that Pam Monroe, who took these photos, perfectly captured this dress and how I feel in it. And the shots that Jeff took in Santorini, Greece, were fabulous captures as well! Yet as he will tell you, it’s difficult NOT to take a good photo in Santorini!

Lisa Marie Fernandez dress via Permanent Vacation Store, Prada sunnies, Under A Fig Tree Boutique (Santorini) necklace, Stuart Weitzman sandals, Belt from a store on the island of Milos.

Oscar del la Renta earrings, Louis Vuitton bangles, Gucci shades


  • This is exactly why I don’t love to purge, haha!! This dress is spectacular on you!!
    PS. I used to have a pillow that said: “Girlfriends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life” Isn’t’ that perfect?

  • You said so much on your thoughts on friendship. So well said. Your group picture of your friends is a treasure.
    Thank you for sharing.

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