Israeli Fashion by Ronen Chen

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Israeli fashion designer Ronen Chen (pronounced “hen”, that sound at the back of your throat, not ch as in cheetah, but ch as in Chanukah). Ok enough about how to pronounce Hebrew words, and on to what I love about Ronen’s designs. Although I tend to fill my closet with structured, colorful, cropped and figure hugging pieces, I am also attracted to unstructured, monochromatic and timeless dresses, pants and tops, and that’s what you will find inside a Ronen Chen store. He also has an eye for accessories, which he does not design himself, but which he imports from all over Europe, to compliment his designs. I have shown Ronen Chen clothes HERE. You can order everything shown here from the links below. Shipping is free!

Ronen Chen jumpsuit , shoes, hat and bag.

I love the ease of this jumpsuit and the way it flatters. I have it linked HERE. I am wearing size 01, which would be equivalent to a size small.
I love a good hat, and this traveled back with me in a bag which I placed in the overhead bin from Tel Aviv to NY and then NY to LA, and it maintained its shape perfectly! A very smilar one is linked HERE

I cannot say enough good things about these shoes! So easy to style and super comfortable!

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