My name is Lesley Wolman; it used to be Lesley Corne, if you are dropping by and know me from the days when I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have actually resided in 8 different cities since I was born but remain a very loyal and proud Canadian Jew. I have lived in Rochester MN, where my father did his cardiology residency, San Fransisco, where he completed his fellowship and Winnipeg, where I was born and raised. At the age of 17, we moved to Jerusalem, where I did my first year of university and where our family resided for the year (1977-78). I then moved to Lansing Michigan to study Music Therapy at Michigan State University (this was at the same time that Magic Irving Johnson played for the MSU Spartans!), then it was off to Boston, where I studied voice, acting and dance. I then returned to Canada, this time to Toronto, where I performed on stage, in film and TV and sang a few radio jingles. I also completed my Nursing degree at University of Toronto, met my husband Jeff, and got married (1987).  While in Toronto, I worked as both a psychiatric nurse and singer/actress. Next, I moved to NYC where I performed both Off and On Broadway (the revival of Shenandoah) and some soaps (All My Children and One Life To Live). I also worked as a psych nurse at Lennox Hill and Regent Hospitals.  Our son, Yale was born there in 1993, and as a new mom, I performed Cabaret shows in posh venues like Don’t Tell Mama’s, Judy’s and Town Hall. Our little family moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and our daughter, Serena, was born in 1997. I put my career on hold to raise my two kids and became very involved in the Los Angeles Jewish community, singing at every turn, until formally returning to the Cabaret scene. I have recorded six albums and performed six different shows in Los Angeles, throughout the US and Canada. In 2014, at the suggestion of a close friend, I launched my blog, Fabulesley. I never thought I would reinvent myself as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, but, hey, I didn’t think I would become a nurse, music therapist, singer and  actress, either. I am very proud of this blog; there isn’t one item or person here whom I do not consider fabulous. This a place where you can find a wonderful recipe as well as a transformative face oil. It’s your one stop shop for how to live your life fabulously…or should I say Fabulesley! 

Lesley Wolman

All things fabulous! ❤️️

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