Israel: A Simple Guide To The Most Misunderstood Country On Earth

I have known Noa Tishby for about 20 years. And I would likely add to that, Noa is like family to Jeff and to me. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for one another and when we do anything that warrants shouting from the rooftops (like a cabaret show, a tv series or a big birthday), we are in support of one another Me’ah Ahuz (100%).

At an event in 2016

So it is of no surprise that I have been singing the praises of Noa’s recent book, “Israel: A Simple Guide To The Most Misunderstood Country On Earth,” since I received and read it cover to cover. Full disclosure…I received a PDF of the manuscript a while ago, simply because I couldn’t wait any longer. This book is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen. And it is not only for Jewish people. No, this book is a must read for everyone. Why? Because it the “emet” (truth)…no “fact” has gone unchecked. Noa will check mate you on every argument you may have. It’s all written articulately and conversationally….as if Noa is sitting in your living room or at your dining room tale, and explaining in a clear concise way, the history of this tiny country, the history of Zionism both past and present, and the history of Noa Tishby herself, which is fascinating to say the very least.

I was particularly taken with the chapter on Noa’s Grandmother, Safta (the Hebrew word for grandmother), Fania. Fania’s journey from post Czar Russia is fascinating. Without divulging too much, suffice to say that Noa’s political roots run deep. Safta Fania was in fact a Halutz, or pioneer, and Noa has recounted her Grandmother practically verbatim; this draws the reader in closer, as if Fania is sitting next to you regaling us in her journey from Russia to the old city of Jaffa. Fania’s story is but a microcosm of the multitude of stories that culminate in the state of Israel and the past 73 years of its existence.

Just as Fania’s story evolves into the story of Zionsm and The State of Israel, we are witnessing the unique journey of Noa herself; from the Noa Tishby, Israeli actress singer, writer and producer, to Noa Tishby political activist and now first female author of Israel’s political history.

At Noa’s Book Signing event

This book will answer any question you have ever considered; from the right of Israel’s existence to what Israel has given to the world, to whose land is it anyways and how to exist with neighbors who not only dislike you, but deny that you exist. All misconceptions are addressed in ways that are relatable, relevant and accessible.

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I am just a little proud of my friend…can you tell?

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