Mixing It Up With Marccain Fashion

Whenever I go home to Winnipeg, I always find fashion treasures. It always surprises me, because when I was growing up in Winnipeg, there were not a lot of shopping options; there were mostly department stores and chain stores in the mall, but that was about it. I have never been a fan of seeing myself coming and going, (a phrase oft used to describe shopping where everyone else does, hence seeing people in the same clothes), so I had to be creative and put my outfits together by adding a little of this or that to make them different. However, all that changed a couple of years ago when I walked into the store, Girl Candy, located on Grosvenor Ave in Winnipeg; the results of this discovery have graced many a post on this blog. My friend, Andie Solomon, who manages and buys for the store, has magnificently curated a treasure trove of fashion from all over the world, thereby significantly decreasing my chances of seeing myself coming and going! The latest and greatest addition to my wardrobe are these pieces from Marc Cain, a fashion brand founded in the early seventies in Italy by Helmut Schlotterer, and now has its headquarters in Bodelhausen, Germany. There are many gems on the Marc Cain website and I encourage you to check out the website, This is not a sponsored post, so I have no discount code for you.I just happen to think highly of this brand for its originality and quality. I alos wanted to sho you how to add color to wear outfit without overthinking it.I chose to wear pink and orange together because they compliment each other. This outfit first garnered a lot of attention in this reels I posted last month featuring Nespresso.

Marc Cain jacket, on sale here , sweater, and pants. Ferragamo shoes, Valentino reversible belt, Sabine Be sunglasses and Gucci bag.

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