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I have been using Nu Bloom Botanicals for a few months, and I can say with ALL honesty, that I am addicted… in a very good way. Nu Bloom reached out to me and sent me a plethora of their Nano Hemp CBD formulated products. There were balms for relief, sleep, balance, PMS, and “play,” which is code for sex.

Since I am menopausal, I passed on the PMS product to my daughter and her friends but kept the rest. I use the sleep balm stick nightly and swear by it. I also use the relief topical balm on my stiff joints (primary my thumbs and toes) and roll the balm onto my lower back for instant relief. I use these daily and I am already running low on both! I also use the balance stick and spray and that helps to keep me calm and focused. Full disclosure… I have not yet tried the one for “play,” but when I do, you will be the second to know!

Let’s delve a little more deeply and scientifically into what goes into this product. First of all, I was never a pothead. I tried marijuana in high school and hated it. The smell was the biggest turn off for me, and I was way too much of a control freak to ever be able to get high. That was 1977.

Fast forward to 2019 and the legalization of marijuana, and of course, the popularization of CBD. Cannabis is composed of TCH and CBD. TCH is the part of cannabis that gets you high, while CBD interacts with the parts of the body that reduce inflammation. Researchers have identified two receptors in the human body that respond to cannabis, known as CB1 and CB2. These receptors are part of the larger endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate hormone secretion to influence appetite, mood, and energy. Without getting too technical, what you really need to know is that all of this is completely safe and effective. CBD is used medically to reduce pain, help with anxiety and depression, and reduce inflammation.

I use the Nu Bloom Relief Topical Balm and Roll-On Balm multiple times during the day: Use code LESLEY15 at checkout!

What makes Nu Bloom different?

I have used other CBD balms in the past with little effect. I was turned off by the smell (smells like pot and camphor mixed together… yuck). The pleasant smell of the Nu Bloom Relief Topical Balm and Roll-On Balm is a welcome relief (no pun intended). In addition, it works! When I roll it onto my lower back, the relief is instantaneous!

As Rich Trapp, the social media director and marketing manager explained to me over the phone, that is because the topicals are nanosized. This nanotization is what sets Nu Bloom apart from other CBD companies. Nanotization occurs when the hemp is broken down to a molecular level in a water-based formula allowing it to be absorbed more efficiently in the body. Nu Bloom’s hemp is farmed on an organic and vegan EFU (Exclusive Farm Use) farm in Oregon. The farm uses a filtered drip water system for its plants and absolutely NO pesticides. That’s a win for me! The relief balm also contains turmeric, which adds to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. Another win!

The Nu Bloom Balance Spray
Use code LESLEY15 at checkout

The Nu Bloom Balance Spray is sprayed sublingually for quick absorption. It provides me with a sense of focus and calm… a sense of well being. Throughout this COVID pandemic, many of my friends have said that they have had waves of anxiety. I, too, have felt this, especially if I focus on the future. This spray or balm (it comes in both forms), has a calming effect that leaves me feeling focused and ready to tackle work whether it is memorizing a new song, or simply organizing my day.

My all-time favorite product: The Nu Bloom Sleep Balm Stick
Use code LESLEY15 at checkout

I am totally addicted to the Nu Bloom Sleep Balm Stick, as I use it nightly without fail! There is an instant cooling effect and like a Pavlovian trigger, my body knows it’s time to relax and fall asleep. I remain asleep for hours and wake up feeling refreshed. I prefer this to the spray or oil, but everyone is different, so use what speaks to you the most.

I cannot say enough good things about this company and I hope that you have gleaned enough information from this post to try one or a few of these products for yourself. Remember to use my code, LESLEY15 at the checkout. The bloom is definitely on this rose!

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