Ritual Vitamins

Ritual Vitamins

Do you take a daily multivitamin? I will admit that up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t. I took a daily supplement of Vitamin D and occasionally Vitamin C, but really that was it. I tried to take a multi-vitamin but it always upset my stomach by causing nausea, primarily because I would take it before eating my first meal of the day. I have become an intermittent faster as it seems to be the easiest way for me to control my weight. As such, I often don’t eat until midday or early afternoon. I like to take my vitamins right after brushing my teeth and applying skincare but couldn’t tolerate a multi-vitamin at that time of day. That is until now. Ritual Vitamins are a game-changer. Firstly, they have a mint scent and thus a pleasant after taste. More importantly, they absolutely do not upset my stomach. There is no nausea associated with taking them on an empty stomach.

Ritual Vitamins

Ritual Vitamins are allergen-free. That means they are free from dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, are GMOs and are vegan. The see-through time-released capsule uses “beadlet-in-oil” technology that allows them to keep nutrients in their original forms and closer to what’s found in food. That makes a lot of sense to this nurse! Ritual claims to help maintain energy, immunity and skin and support red blood cells and vital internal organs like your heart. Ritual Vitamins help your body use the calcium you get from food to keep your bones strong, while maintaining tissue structure, fight free radicals and age well from within. Since taking the vitamins for the past two months, I have definitely felt better. I have more energy, and my hair and nails are thicker and stronger than ever. Most importantly, is the iron I am receiving from these vitamins. I struggle with low iron and I have been diagnosed with anemia. With the help of Ritual, my iron levels are within normal range and I attribute my good energy levels to that! That in of itself is a win for me! Vitamins K2, D3, E, B12, Folate, Omega-3, Magnesium and Iron, are all essential nutrients that promote optimal health for a woman, especially one who just turned sixty! I want to support my body as I age, and want to do it with peace of mind. I get all of that and then some from Ritual Vitamins. Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, and take my Ritual Vitamin. I am relieved that I am nourishing my body in the best way possible, and that gives me a good feeling. Maybe you ought to give Ritual Vitamins a try? I sure am glad that I did!

If you choose to order these vitamins, click here and use the code NEWRITUAL10. You will receive 10% off your first three months!

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