Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I have found some fabulous gift ideas for the moms in your life!

This is definitely on my wish list!

The Keurig Cappucino and latte system

Packed with 100% natural ingredients including dead sea salts, this is one multi tasking scrub!

Arabica Coffee Scrub

There is nothing like keeping track of activity to maintain one’s motivation to stay fit and healthy. I love the color of this one!

the fitbit

The Gold no 8 crossbody is one of my new favorite bags. I will be featuring their collection next month. I am in love with this line, which allows you to create your own reversible bag. I think that the crossbody would make a perfect gift for any mom!

Gold No 8

I first received this as a hostess gift, and have grown to love it so much that I have replenished it for years.

Joe Malone diffuser

The perfect gift for the summer….and it comes with its own message!

Floppy hat

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