Ogee Contour Collection

If you’re like me, you want a makeup routine that is fast and easy, but leaves your skin looking flawless and glowy. I am here to tell you the search is over! Ogee, a 100% organic skincare and makeup line has answered al of our prayers.

I tried the complexion sticks (aka foundations) and loved them. I actually ordered two shades and combine them for a more natural look. Take the quiz, and you will receive the perfect match. I first ordered Linden 1.75, which was a perfect match for my skin tone, but when I have a bit more of a “tan,” I blend it with Willow 3.00. The makeup brush is dreamy, soft in texture and applies the color with finishing results that are flawless.

The Complexion Stick:use code LESLEY15
The Blender Brush: use code LESLEY15

The Contour Collection is a must have item for everyone. Apply it in seconds, blend it out, and your skin has instant glow, lift and a natural fihnish! Your friends will wonder what you did, because the results are so beautiful and natural. Only you, me and Ogee will know! I ordered both the Crystal Contour Collection and The Golden Contour Collection, but you can peruse them all. Note: apply the blush color in an upward direction from the apple of your cheek towards your temple and watch your face lift immediately. Also, blend LIGHTLY with the brush, or use your fingers. If I am on the go, I use my fingers (after sanitizing them, of course). These sticks are great for travel, because they pack easily and have a magnetic closure. Make sure to use my discount code, LESLEY15 and save 15%


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