Living In Black And White But Dreaming In Color

I love a good black and white outfit. It transitions easily from season to season, is the best color scheme to pack in your suitcase, and is open to pops of color. For all these reasons and more, I love how this ensemble came together so easily. Spring is right around the corner, so this pastel wall which is actually the exterior of the Fendi store in Beverly Hills felt very dreamy to me. And isn’t that what fashion truly should be? A reflection of dreams and desires. a unique artistic statement of your personality.

Alexis jacket, Armani Exchange blouse, Tibi pants, Gucci belt

Since I am short-waisted, (and short period), I love anything that is cropped. This blouse and jacket are on repeat since they fit that bill perfectly. I have owned both for a while and could not locate them for you, but I did find similar items and you can check them out in the Shop The Post section below.

I cannot say enough good things about these loafers. Comfort is key and these shoes get top marks in that category; there are three colors working in harmony and the little jewel makes them so special. They are available and linked below.
White sunnies are always a good idea. They are fun and retro. You can go high or low in your choice…so I would recommend any version of these.

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  • Dear Lesley,
    Your post this week was so meaningful to me & my husband.
    My grandfather fled Kiev in the early 1900’s as well & came to St. Paul where my mother was born & raised & then my brothers & I – my husband’s grandfather also fled Ukraine & went to Winnipeg around the same time so we r very connected to the Ukraine and r just sick about the whole situation. We r praying for all in Ukraine & their brave President & leaders. We just donated to the Federation here in the desert, hoping that will help.
    Thank u for your eloquent words!

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