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Business attire is something that has always puzzled me. Does it mean a pantsuit? A conservatively styled black dress? A skirt and blazer? All of the above? I am betting that many of you pull out a pantsuit or jacket and blazer, and away you go. I have done that myself, and continue to do so. And that brings us to the subject of pantsuits. If you don’t own a matching jacket and pants, why not create one from your own closet. I am fairly certain that everyone reading this owns a good pair of black pants, and I will even go one step further and bet that there is a fabulous black blazer hanging in there as well.

Now I will admit that not all black fabric is created from the exact same hues, so you have to be careful. However, if you break up the black jacket and pants with a pop of color, you will have solved this fashion conundrum, as I did here.

Although it is perfectly fine to throw on a white blouse, why not think outside the box? Layering pieces like this one by Ganni add so much to an outfit. I love that this one is not a solid color as the print is like a work of art.

And when your handbag matches your top…well that’s worth showing off!

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