What and How I packed For a 10 Day Trip To Canada…All Carry On!

I often get this call from my friends: “Can you run over to help me chose what to pack for my trip? I only want to go with carry-on bags.”

My answer is always the same…”Of course! I’ll be right over!”

These days, travel is stressful. Lost luggage only adds to the stress, so I have eliminated that headache from my travel routine, by fitting everything I take into a carry-on suitcase. I use a roomy pliable soft bag for my toiletries and electronics. I keep my phone and passport in my Beltini Santa Monica Hiptini bag (shown below in red). Use code Lesley20 for anything over $50.00!

I have been traveling with carry-on bags for many years; my sister, Janet. was my role model in this regard. She taught me that rolling clothes not only keep them from creasing but also ensures that everything fits perfectly. You can fill all empty spaces with rolled clothing and that way you can take it all..well almost all! I do not limit myself to the season of summer when I go carry-on. Granted, winter clothing is much bulkier and more difficult to fit; my edit is highly refined in winter and I take much less. But in summer, when you are packing mostly thin, lightweight dresses and skirts, it is easy to pack your favorites. I often take too much and curse myself at the end of the trip for not wearing everything that I packed, leaving little room for a shop. Jeff could care less about the latter and for that reason, encourages me to take more than I need!!

The first thing I do is lay everything out. I used to do this on the bed, but have graduated to a rolling rack, where I can see everything clearly.

Here is my final edit…I took too many dresses, and I still shopped. Fortunately, Jeff had room in his carry-on suitcase, and in his heart!

Rolling your clothes is the only way to fit everything in.. Of course, a great carry-on bag is essential. I adore my Briggs and Riley suitcase; it has expandable sides that compress and return the bag to overhead bin size…true magic!

The zippered compartment on the inside of the front of the suitcase is perfect for lingerie, belts and swimsuits. All of my shoes are packed into their dust bags and laid across the bottom. The morning that I left, I removed a light blue bulky sweater and replaced it with a short denim jacket…smart move!

I hope that the next time you travel for a short duration, you will consider packing only carry-on luggage. Feel free to call on me to help you…I am only an email away!


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  • dear Lesley–thanks for the packing tips. how many pairs of shoes did you take? i always find that they take up so much room!

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