Long Over Lean: Maje over Peserico

I have been a huge fan of the French fashion brand, Maje, for many years. The French brand is known for its trendy youthful look and has a broad appeal. I own many items by Maje, and although it is available stateside, if I am in Paris, I usually visit the flagship store because the clothes are so beautifully displayed, and if you time it right, you can really score on sale items.

I was recently introduced to the Italian line, Peserico. It has a definite “Brunello Cucinelli” vibe but at less than half the price. The metal detailing on many of the clothes is remarkably familiar in that way, but I would never classify it as a knock-off, merely as inspired by. The clothes are classic but with a little something extra, and that little extra is what I was attracted to.

The metal detail along the sides of the pant is just enough detail to set it apart from others, and the fit of these pants is fantastic!

As I was carrying this sweater into the dressing room, I was asked by several people where I got it. I think the pattern, texture, and length of this sweater make it a show stopper. Fastening only the top button helps to give it shape and reveal the cute pants underneath.

Silver stretch bracelets by Molly Sydney

I will be featuring more by Peserico in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more!

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  • I so enjoyed your post on Israel and all your experiences there. Fortunately, I have been able to visit that amazing country twice and each time I felt like I was home. My heart goes out to all Israeli’s as we pray for peace during these turbulent times.
    Sending my best to you and your family.

  • I was just asking Rob about the history of the country and why there is this bombing going on (I am so ignorant of the world affairs). I pray for world peace too because I don’t understand why it can’t be so.
    Love the cardigan too, and lots of love to your family,

  • Leslie,
    This was your best one yet! I loved reading about your history in Israel with your family. How lucky you were to have had that experience in 1977. I can identify with the impact it must have made in your life. In l963 at the age of 17 I received a scholarship by the Jewish Agency to study in Israel for the year. I think that I was the first GAP student! In any event,
    we were both lucky to have experienced Israel in her early years. ?Sheilah

  • Hello and thank you for sharing your style!

    Peserico was founded 16 years before Brunello Cucinelli. As a matter of fact one of the founders worked at Peserico. It is BC that is “INSPIRED” by Peserico. The metal detailing and sequin is original to Peserico.

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous style!


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