Hellessy Part III

There is no doubt about it, when I love a fashion brand, I go all in. Actually, when I love anything, I go all in. I have been posting about Hellessy for a while and each time I post one of the brand’s clothes, it receives raves reviews. That is probably because every item is so original and different. There is often a theme, such as ribbon on denim or a blazer with a twist.

This time, Hellessy elevated the “Canadian tuxedo'” to a whole new level. If you are not already familiar with fashion lingo, the Canadian tuxedo is a denim pantsuit. Why it has its roots in Canada is a mystery to this Canadian girl. I love this look because aside from being so creative, it is incredibly chic.

Hellessy Jeans
Jeans by Hellesy and Pumps by Balenciaga.

I went ahead and paired the jeans with a pump that, had it not been for the Coronavirus, I probably would have worn out their soles. These shoes are truly comfortable; I am not one to tout the comfort of a pump, but these win the prize. You may recall that I paired them with these Elizabeth Reid socks HERE, and with the Victoria Beckham leather skirt HERE. With a skirt or jeans, with or without socks, they are fabulous!

Hellessy Jeans

What I love about Hellessy designer, Sylvie Millstein, is that she is not afraid to push the envelope. She will elevate the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. That is why the addition of the rhinestones is a total nod to rock and roll and rock star glam. The blazer is multifunctional in that the tail and cuff can be removed. If I wanted to pair the jacket with a little black dress or skirt, I would likely remove the lining and keep the look conservative.

Hellessy Jeans
Hellessy Jeans

As the quarantine slowly lifts I will wear this suit out to dinner…it will be perfect for patio dining!

Hellessy Jeans

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