Looking the Part in My Pink Bouclé Dress and Jacket

I am having a Jackie O moment. For my entire adult life, I have been told that I look like HERE; whether it’s the upper lip or the cheekbones, each time I hear the words “has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like…” I immediately fill in the blank myself. Whenever I am paid this enormously high compliment, I am buoyed up for days, and sometimes weeks! This pink bouclé dress and matching jacket transports me to the 1960s when Jackie Kennedy reigned as a fashion icon. One, that I believe, has surpassed all others in her ability to transcend fashion through the decades.

I purchased this suit last spring during Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family event, and I have waited until now to unveil it here on the blog. At this moment in our history, I feel as though we could all use a “pink moment.” During these recent dark days following the news and ultimate isolating days of the Covid-19 virus, we could all use a little lift, and this suit provides me with a giant sized fashion boost!

Now is also a great time to go through one’s closet. Purge what is tired and wear what awakens your fashion tastebuds. This outfit is what brings mine to life. I don’t have a crystal ball, nor can any I predict the length of time that this darkness will prevail upon us. What I can assure you of is this: I refuse to wear sweats day in and day out for the next however many months we will remain sheltered in our homes. I choose to dress for brighter days and I urge you to do the same. Peruse your own closets and wear what brings you joy… because when you look the part, you will feel it as well.

Paula Ka Dress with Dior Handbag.
Paula Ka Dress with Dior Handbag.
Paula Ka Dress with Dior Handbag.
Paula Ka Dress with Dior Handbag.

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