Collective Laboratories Founder Sara Fotis.

Collective Laboratories Hair Serum

At the young age of thirty-nine, Sarah Fotis had a stroke. Sarah, who was in the best condition of her life, a runner, healthy eater, with no family history of stroke, suddenly found herself in hospital recovering from one caused by a tear in her artery. During her one-month hospitalization, she noticed that her hair began falling out. The doctors prescribed Minoxidil and Rogaine, yet her hair continued to shed.

Of Pakistani ancestry, Sarah’s mother was trying a multitude of Pakistani home remedies, many that were being sent all the way from Pakistan, yet to no avail. Moreover, Sarah could not find a single hair loss product without chemicals. So what did she do? Smart and resourceful, she partnered with a chemist, Jesse Kreider, who was actually a groomsman at her wedding, and Collective Laboratories was born. The bottle looks good on your bathroom counter. This serum is nature-derived and most importantly is effective. With ingredients sourced globally based on a mix of Ayurvedic and traditional Eastern medicine, this product contains biotin and ginseng as well as lilac stem cells; these all focus on the strength and shine of the strands. The serum also contains bergamot, which aside from lending a clean fragrance, contains anti-fungal properties. Fungus and bacteria play a role on hair loss, thereby increasing the important role of this natural ingredient.

Sarah tested the serum on her own hair, her husband’s and neighbors’ and the results were incredible; thinning hair became fuller and more voluminous, and most importantly for Sarah, there was no further hair loss. Sarah stresses that one must maintain consistency when using Collective Laboratories Hair Serum. Daily use yields effective results. I have been using it consistently for a month on my hair especially at the sides of the crown where I have tiny thin baby hairs; I have already noticed a difference. In addition, my hair is definitely fuller and shinier. I have also been using it on my eyebrows, and they are filling in nicely!

Sarah’s story is inspiring; it is one that exemplifies strength, determination, and resourcefulness, and the power of one woman. If you or anyone (female or male) is experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, please try Collective Laboratories Hair Serum! This is preventative serum, so even if you are not experiencing hair loss you can still use it as a hair styling product as well. It adds shine and volume and can even be used in place of dry shampoo, since it smells great, kills fungus and bacteria, and is moisturizing to the scalp… win, win, win!

For my readers, Sarah is offering an incredibly generous discount of 50% off for the first month plus their amazing scalp massager, to which I am completely addicted, by the way!

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Collective Laboratories Founder Sara Fotis.
With Sarah Fotis, creator of Collective Laboratories Hair Serum.

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