Nicholas Dress, Dior Saddlebag, and Saint Laurent Platform Sandals.

A Dress for All Seasons by Nicholas

I am always in search of new and interesting clothing designers, so I was thrilled when I found one as exciting as Nicholas. This clothing line based in Los Angeles, is the creation of Aussie-born Irene Nicholas. Irene spent twenty years in the fashion industry in her native Melbourne. Once she reached the shores of California, “Nicholas” was born. The clothes are smart, interesting and eclectic. From long to short, boho to structured, there is something for everyone. I loved this flirty dress. The structure of the belt and modest neckline balance the short length. It became even shorter when I added these fabulous platform sandals by Saint Laurent which instantly boosted me from 5’3 1/2 to 5/7! The platform adds comfort by lowering the pitch. I was able to bop around Century City Mall with ease and a definite bounce to my step.

This dress will definitely move from spring/summer to fall/winter. I will add tights, boots, and a long coat, and be ready for the cooler California temps. But for now, I will welcome spring with this dress for all seasons.

Nicholas Printed Dress.
Nicholas Printed Dress with Black Dior Saddlebag.
Nicholas Printed Dress.
Nicholas Printed Dress.
Nicholas Printed Dress.

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