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Getting the Right Mix: Foundation 101

I recently found myself on the hunt for the perfect tinted moisturizer. Having grown tired of the one I had been using by Laura Mercier, I headed over to the Space NK store at Bloomingdales. I am a makeup and cosmetic junkie, hence this blog, and love Space NK since they carry the very latest and finest of makeup and skincare. Full disclosure: I was actually looking for a concealer and told the manager of the department that I was in a “concealer conundrum,” from not being able to find one with the perfect amount of coverage and correction. She suggested that I try Chantecaille’s since she felt it would address all of my needs. After she applied it, she asked what foundation I had been using. I told her that my daily routine calls for a tinted moisturizer and nothing heavier, but that I was tired of the one I had been using. It was not giving me the perfect combination of coverage and glow that I was seeking. She suggested I try the Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF by Chantecaille. The result was fabulous… just the right amount of coverage and an amazing glow to the skin. I told her that I had just used a self-tanner on my skin and that my natural color was a bit lighter. I asked her if we could try mixing two colors so that as the self-tanner dissipates, I could still get that glow from the tan and yet not appear as if I had spent the day in the sun. The next day, after the self-tanner began to fade, I applied the two colors together and was amazed by the perfect match of color to my skin. If you find that your foundation is not exactly a match, try mixing two shades and see if you, too, get the perfect shade!

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