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I am a makeup junkie. If you open my lipstick drawer you will see a plethora of shades. I hate to throw any away, and I am always in search of the “perfect shade.” It is this hunt that has caused the overflow of my lipstick drawers. Yes, I actually have 2 drawer fulls. One is for gloss and the other is for color. Granted, the drawers are small, but still, it has become a bit of a problem! So last month while on vacation, and for practical and creative reasons, I began combining colors. The results were extraordinary, and it definitely increased the possibiliites; least of which, you get much more bang for your buck! 

*In the photo above I combined two lip colors and one lip gloss.

Here is the process, step by step:

Lip Color in I Can't Wait

The base color is Fusicia, by Hourglass: I Can’t Wait.

Combined Lip Colors of I Can't Wait and I Crave

I then applied a red color, also by Hourglass: I Crave

Combined Lip Colors with I Can't Wait, I Crave and Terry Long Velvet Rouge

For an added punch of long lasting glossy color, I added this by Terry Long Wearing Lip Color/Gloss Velvet Rouge #8.

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