Sugar Snap Peas With Sesame

Sugar Snap Peas With Sesame

Sugar snap peas are the perfect snack since they are lower in carbohydrates than regular peas, and they are high in fiber, Vitamin C, K, B, and minerals. They are also less starchy than regular garden peas, so crunch away, free of guilt!

Sugar Snap Peas With Sesame

Here is a delicious way to get all the health benefits from sugar snap peas


  • 1 pound of sugar snap peas
  • dark sesame oil
  • black or regular sesame seeds


  1. Pick through the sugar snap peas to remove any that aren’t perfect.
  2. Remove and discard the stem end and the string from each pod.
  3. Toss the sugar snap peas in a bowl with sesame oil and sesame seeds to taste. Serve at room temperature. 

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