Under Eye Rescue Kit

Do you often wake up with eyes that are puffy and dull? I know that I do. As we age, the skin under the eye becomes loose and more prone to fluid retention. It also loses its luster, color and integrity. All of this is age related. But fear not… although I can’t make those bags and dark circles disappear, I can make them less noticeable with this 4 step rescue kit, which I am all about right now! 

Step 1: When I wake up, before I even brush my teeth, I apply Biossance Peptide eye gel which instantly cools and tightens the skin. 

Step 2: After washing and moisturizing I apply Ole Henriksen’s brightening eye cream with SPF. It hydrates and brightens the area while providing SPF to this delicate and vulnerable area.

Step 3: I apply Laura Mercier’s Candle Glow Concealer in an upside down triangle with the base of the triangle directly below my eye. I then dab lightly with my fourth fingers, until the color is even. I use number 1 shade. I like to go a little lighter under my eye to brighten it. 

Step 4: I lightly brush on Laura Mercier’s Brightening powder, which is specifically designed for the under eye area. This is where the magic comes in. You will see an immediate result and the powder helps to maintain the effects of the concealer over several hours. 

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