Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants

Whenever I receive an invitation that calls for dressy or festive attire, I immediately go to my cocktail dress collection and choose one that says “party.” However, I am out to break that habit and venture into wearing fancy pants, dressy pantsuits, or even a tuxedo with a fabulous blouse or top underneath.

This outfit is a mash-up of different designers, working in perfect harmony. These lace pants by True Royal had me at hello. I loved everything about them right down to the scalloped bottom. The same goes for this chic knit tunic by Worth New York. The slit is too high to be worn alone but topped over fancy pants or even denim, the versatility of this piece is endless. I added this chain belt for a little edgy definition at the waist and love the way it drops over the abdomen. Adding these suede and lace pumps by Sandro completes the look. With an outfit as busy as this one, the jewelry should be kept to a minimum but still make a statement. These large but thin hoop earrings by Calypso St. Barth are my new go-to and my beloved vintage YSL cuff is simultaneously a simple and bold statement piece.

Let’s talk about the benefits of a small but expandable purse that can take you from day to night with a removable shoulder strap. This is a must-have for every woman. I love this one by Balenciaga, but there are many lower-priced versions for you to consider, and I have provided a couple of them here in this post.

So, Miss Fancy Pants, next time your invitation calls for “festive attire,” think outside the cocktail dress box and create an outfit from pieces you already have in your closet!

 Worth New York  Tunic  and  Belt , True Royal Pants (Savannah Santa Monica),  Sandro Heels ,  Calypso St. Barth Hoop Earrings , Balenciaga Handbag (similar for less  here ), Celine Sunglasses, Vintage Bracelet (Savannah Santa Monica).  Worth New York Tunic and Belt, True Royal Pants (Savannah Santa Monica), Sandro Heels, Calypso St. Barth Hoop Earrings, Balenciaga Handbag, Celine Sunglasses, Vintage Bracelet (Savannah Santa Monica).


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