Baby Doll Cut-Out

Baby Doll Cut Out

If I say to you “Baby Doll Dress,” and you know exactly what that means, you are probably in the 50+ year old age bracket. Basically, the baby doll dress, popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s, was a loose fitting dress that was short and flowy. I assume it got its name because it looked like it belonged on a baby doll! This dress by Thakoon Addition is a very modern take on this bygone era dress that is near and dear to my heart; so much so that I wore these types of dresses throughout both of my pregnancies as they accommodated my growing belly, and I didn’t need to spend extra money on special maternity wear.

Here it has been updated with cutout shoulders and some sheer accents, which allow for some tame peek-a-boo. As we grow older, it is more than okay to expose the shoulders, since it the one part of a woman’s body that doesn’t truly show her age. I kept the look very hippie-esque by adding a long glass beaded necklace, hoop earrings, a statement ring, a fringe shoulder bag, and some mod chunky heels. As the weather cools, I will add black tights and boots and throw on an oversized sweater to keep it looking comfy and relaxed, just like the baby doll was meant to be.

 Thakoon addition dress  (on sale here) , Zadig and Voltaire heels ( also seen here ), Chloe ring (Scoop NYC)  Thakoon Addition Dress, Zadig and Voltaire Heels, Chloe Ring.

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