Faux the Fun of It

Faux the Fun of It

I know I will not win a lot of popularity contests with this statement, but I am someone who has grown accustomed to wearing fur. As a Canadian, I am very comfortable with fur. I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, where the average temperature during a three-four month winter, does not climb much above thirty below zero, and often dips to seventy below when you factor in the wind chill. Last year on December 31st, Winnipeg’s temperature was colder than the surface temperature on Mars!

My friends and I were forced to play outside twice a day for a fifteen-minute recess, during which time my cheeks would harden as they froze since I refused to wear a face mask. Most adults I knew, including men, wore fur to stay warm in the winter.

Here in Los Angeles, there is not much need for fur, but I still love this luxe look. That is why, when I spotted this pastel pink fluffy faux version by Aqua (for a mere $160.00), I grabbed it. The fact that it goes perfectly with these cute buff-colored trousers by René Lezard and this beautiful beaded Nina Ricci cardigan with pops of pink in it was kismet. The icing on the cake is these tried and true Valentino rock-studded shoes in pink and black. I will never tire of them with their comfortable heel and pop of pizzaz. This outfit is pure faux fun!

 Aqua Faux Fur Coat, similar  here ,  Nina Ricci Cardigan , The Row Tank, René Lezard Trousers,  Valentino Shoes , Tom Ford Clutch, Chanel Sunglasses, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings,   also seen here ). Aqua Faux Fur Coat, Nina Ricci Cardigan, The Row Tank, René Lezard Trousers, Valentino Shoes, Tom Ford Clutch, Chanel Sunglasses, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings.



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