Maje Poncho, Cabi Blouse, Rag and Bone Jeans, Zara Shoes, Chanel Handbag, Robin Terman Necklace, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings.

The Great Cover Up

Have you ever wished for a cover-up that is not only snuggly but also cocoon-like? This poncho makes you feel as though you never want to come out.

True Royal Pants, Worth New York Sweater, Gucci Purse, Sergio Rossi Pumps, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings.

White Out

Although it was once considered a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day, that rule no longer exists. It seems that the fashion world have loosened over the last couple of decades. As autumn temperatures remain warm, I am in favor of cotton over wool and light over dark.

Top, Scarf, Skirt, and Clutch: Worth New York. Prada Pumps, Celine Glasses, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings.

Orange Is the New Black

Never shy away from color, especially now, when loud pops of color are apearing all over the fashion runways. For me, orange is a natural mood changer. It has always suited my skin’s natural yellow undertones.

Co Coat, Sandro Dress, Jimmy Choo Heels, Gucci Handbag, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings.

Uncovering the Lace

One fashion investment that I believe strongly in is a high quality spring coat. If you happen to find one on sale, even better.

Rules Don't Apply

Rules Don’t Apply

The Lunar calendar and the Fashion calendar are completely out of sync. Since Judaism follows the Lunar calendar, the holidays …

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