Fab Four: March

The Mist by La Mer

I love this product, which freshens my skin and leaves it glowing. It can be used under or over makeup or simply whenever your skin is feeling like it could use some instant moisture. Infused with La Mer’s famous broth, I always feel as though I am nourishing my skin in the process. It won’t harm your makeup and promises to leave it dewy and fresh. 

Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray

I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to maintain clean makeup brushes. As a nurse, I have seen my fair share of infections and if there is one way to avoid an eye infection or skin breakout, it is by cleaning your brushes after use.

The Beachwaver

I love the look of beachy waves. I had been using a regular curling iron until I discovered the Beachwaver. The difference is the barrel size and heat-protective coating. I will admit that I do not use the clamp and turn option of this device; I simply wrap my hair around the wand, which I hold for 15-20 seconds and then slide it out. And presto… beachy waves! It makes a fabulous gift, too!

Quinoa Crisps

I discovered these delicious chips at a market in New York and was instantly addicted. Only 120 calories a serving, they are the perfect guilt free snack!