She Loves Short Skirts

When it comes to fashion rules, I don’t believe in them. They have no place in anyone’s closet or personal style. In fact, it’s one’s personal decision and how oyu feel in your clothes. The same applies to hem length. For me, if I am wearing tights, you will notice that my hemline rises. If it’s summer, I’m more apt to drop the hem, unless I have applied a lot of self tanner! Although I was born with good legs, (no conceit intended), and I work out a lot, gravity does take hold when you reach your late fifties and certainly mid 60’s. But if you feel good in shorter lenghts, then by all means do it!

I have had this skirt by Louis Vuitton for a few years, and I love it. The navy and gray wool signature monogram style is iconic and made to last. For how long will I wear it? My prediction is a very long time….with tights and loafers for sure!

Suzy Mix sweater (available at Girl Candy, Winnipeg), Louis Vuitton skirt, Wolford Tights, Elaine Kim shoes, Gucci aviators, YSL handbag
YSL choker and handbag, Gucci shades, (right wrist) vintage Cartier watch, David Yurman open bracelt, Lagos bracelet, (left wrist) Louis Vuitton bracelets.

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