The Summer Pantsuit by Marella

For some reason, my closet seems to be filled with pantsuits this summer. This was truly an act of practicality, since I love to separate the jacket from the pants, thereby getting more bang for my buck! On a recent trip to Winnipeg this May, I visited my favorite shop, Girl Candy, and my friend Andie and I got BUSY! I wound up with pants and jackets, but this one by Marella is a definite show-stopper. It recently garnered a lot of attention and affection (in the form of likes and comments) on a recent Instagram post. People seemed to love the pattern and the frayed hem, as well as the purple accents and accessories. You can view the reels HERE.

Picking up on the small purple flowers, I chose a purple tank top by Suzy Mix, similar for less here, a Valentino belt, a YSL handbag, similar for less here and earrings.
Photo by Pam Monroe @socialmonroe

This jacket will be easy to style with either a denim skirt or jeans.

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