Classic Chic and a Smile

Classic chic, is what I deem this outfit: a pair of sleek black fitted pants, a silk blouse, a sophisticated handbag and black pumps. Oh, and I mustn’t forget a modern take on the Jackie O sunnies. But the most important accessory that one can wear, is a smile. That will make or break an outfit in an instant! How we feel in our clothes gets communicated in an instant. If one is not sure of the length of a skirt or the fit of a pant, the observer will also be in doubt. However, if you wear your clothes with comfort and confidence, that will tell a completely different story. And that is why your smile is one of the best things you could wear.

Max Mara is a designer I have known about for years, but rarely wear. There is no particular reason for this, I have just never been drawn to the line. That is, until now. The new collection is fabulous, and I indulged un these two pieces. The puffy sleeve of this blouse with its cute heart pattern is slightly whimsical, yet classic in the cuff detail. The fit of these pants is super flattering and I love the little flare kick at the bottom.

I chose to go with a beige colored bag in place of the predictable black, and added these amazing heels, both by Christian Dior.

This Dior bag is a classic. I found it for you gently used but at a fabulous price. See the Shop The post section below.

These frames by Loewe are classic yet fun.

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    • Thanks Jodie. Serena was able to figure out how to forge her own path and I am thrilled for her. And yes this blouse is really fabulous!!

  • Hi Lesley,
    Serena sounds like such an amazing young lady. It sounds like she has everything going for her. Well, look at her parents, she was blessed with the best roll models. Onto London now, wow she is going places. You must be so happy for her. Twenty five is such a great age.
    You look adorable in the photos. I ?❤️? Valentine’s Day, love conquers all, or maybe I should say most. Our world can always stand more love and compassion.
    Hope you are okay with all the rain in La La Land. Maybe the rain has not bothered you where you’re located.

    • Thank you Katherine. There is nothing like seeing someone find their passion and pursue it. My daughter happens to be one of those people and that makes it even better!
      xo Lesley

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