Peace, Love and Cashmere

I love cashmere. It’s soft, luxurious, and warm. But it can be very expensive. Until now. Meet Brodie Cashmere, a British family-run business that consciously sources their cashmere: “our pieces are spun from 100% pure Mongolian cashmere and have been designed to bring you joy, excitement, and comfort for years to come. Our goal is to provide you with luxurious products, traceable from grazing to the garment.”

What I love about this line is the creativity and use of color. I featured Brodie cashmere on a post I did for Instagram and I received many inquiries about the line. They pop color well and I cannot say enough about the quality and softness of the clothing.
Brodie Cashmere sweater, Moussy jeans.

There is nothing like a cashmere hoodie and sweatpants to wear when traveling long distances, whether it be by air or by car. It’s an investment for sure, but completely worth it And always follow the care instructions to preserve the lives of your pieces.

I “LOVE” this sweatsuit…for obvious reasons!
Brodie sweater, AG pants, Gucci shoes.
Adding a little sparkle to a casual outfit is always a good idea. I have found similar bags for less in the “Shop The Post” section below.
I find that wearing high-heeled platform shoes is the perfect way to add height while maintaining comfort. The front platform keeps the pitch of the shoe within comfort range and doesn’t put pressure on the ball of the foot.

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