Bells and Becks Does It Again!

I have found the perfect boot in the most luscious color and I want to share this find with you! As you may recall, last spring I featured Tamar Miller’s shoes, Bells and Becks here on the blog. Her perfect gold flat has been worn steadily all spring, summer, and well into fall. In fact, if you open my Instagram page today, you will see it front and center. That is because when I find a shoe that is both beautiful and comfortable, I wear it over and over again.

Wearing my all-time favorite Lia Slip-on flats in gold

As boot season kicked into full swing, I perused the Bells and Becks website for the perfect fall/winter boot. I have a plethora of black boots, but, (if you could believe), none in red! Thus, when I came upon this beauty, I jumped on it!

The Burgundy Brava Bordeaux Boot: Use code Lesley20

If red is not your color, then go with black or charcoal. There are other styles as well, and I am returning to the site and making use of the special discount code Tamar is extending to all of my followers: Lesley20. You can go on her site now and get early access to the Black Friday sale by using this code. Now that is one BOOTIFUL deal!

White and Warren Cardigan, Zara Top, Gucci Scarf, Rag and Bone Jeans, Chanel Tote,
Dior Shades, Bells and Becks Boots

It is rare to come across a shoe that is both well made, structurally sound, comfortable, AND stylishly chic. Bells and Becks are all that and then some. The fact that it is woman-owned and operated makes it a business that gets the Fabulesley stamp of approval. I am heading to the Bells and Becks website to use my discount code, Lesley20. How about you?


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