I’d Wear This (A.L.C. dress) on a Zoom Call

Do you dress your top half only for a zoom call? Are you in a blouse and leggings/sweatpants? If you answered “yes,” then please read on. I am the type of person who dresses for a zoom meeting..hair, makeup, outfit, and lighting. As I stated in my article, “How To Look Your Best On A Zoom Call,” you should appear on screen just as you would if you at the actual meeting.

You would never attend a meeting in sweat pants, messy hair and no makeup would you? I think not. You would look put together, chic and tidy. This dress by A.L.C is all of the above. It is chic, simmer-ready, and comfortable and on sale!

ALC Romi Dress, Gucci Scarf and Handbag, Dior Espadrilles

The addition of a scarf steps up any denim game, and here it elevates the dress to chic heights. And a scarf is the perfect accessory to add to your top because you turn a repeat blouse into a whole new item! The nude espadrilles are the perfect finishing touch, since they are extremely comfortable and elongate the leg. I will admit that no one can see your feet or your handbag, on a zoom call, but just the knowledge that you are fashionably fabulous from head-to-toe will boost your Zoom confidence!

There is art everywhere… I love how the blue tile matches the blue of the denim dress!
There are some miracles that happened during this Pandemic…. Bloomies had a Gucci handbag sale!

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