A Long Knit Skirt and Short White Tee.

A Long Knit Skirt and Short White Tee

I love a long knit skirt, especially this one by Anine Bing. Anine is a former model whose background is Danish and Brazilian/ She grew up in Sweden and began modeling at the age of fifteen. In 2012, she launched her own line of clothing that consists of easy-to-wear pieces that can take you from day to night with a bit of a rock and roll edge. There is something for everyone, whether you want a more tailored pant or jeans with huge rips at the knees. This long knit skirt can be worn with a white tee as easily as with a loose v-neck sweater! I have tried it both ways, and the vibe immediately changes from one to the other.

These shoes are so comfy, I could wear them all day. That is probably because of the platform wedge and lace-up feature. They are definitely fashion-forward, but I can tell you that we were stopped and asked about them several times during our photo shoot which took place at the Westfield Mall in Century City. I told them to head over to Bloomingdales to snatch them up before they are sold out!

I continue to love and wear my stretchy rings and bracelets by Molly Sydney almost daily. In case you missed it, I featured Molly’s jewelry. For all of my Canadian readers, Molly ships her fabulous jewelry, which can be personalized, to Canada, so don’t let location stop you! Her prices are extremely affordable. Do not shy away because of the exchange rate.

Consider a long knit skirt this spring. It will easily carry over into fall and winter as well. This one is particularly flattering and the neutral shade makes it easy to wear and pair.

A Long Knit Skirt and Short White Tee.
See by Chloe TopAnine Bing Skirt, Dior Handbag, Gucci Shoes, Chanel Cuff, Jewels by Molly Sydney and Rings Index Finger, Spinelli Kilcollin Ring Fourth Finger, Dior Bracelets, Gucci Sunglasses.
A Long Knit Skirt and Short White Tee.
A Long Knit Skirt and Short White Tee.
Jewels by Molly Sydney Stretch Rings and Large Bead Bracelet, Dior Wrap and Cotton BraceletRobin Terman Box Chain Bracelet.
A Long Knit Skirt and Short White Tee.

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