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I am always in a coat or jacket, probably for two reasons. One, I am always cold and two, I love to wear them as a fashion statement. A hat is always a good thing to have in one’s closet. It hides those bad hair days and also makes a fashion statement. I can appreciate that not everyone likes to wear hats, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can really open a whole set of possibilities. I love the color of this one by Rag and Bone and guess what? It’s on sale… this is the perfect time to experiment!

When Nima showed me this coat last year, I loved it but had no idea how or when I would wear it. Nima advised me not to wear it only as festive wear, but to pair it with jeans and a white tee. I have worn it more that way than I have to dressy events. In fact, Serena borrowed it when we attended the “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” fundraiser in Toronto last spring. She loves this coat, and I imagine it won’t be mine for much longer… no pun intended!

Rag and Bone Hat, Hermes Belt, and Dior Book Tote.
Alice and Olivia Coat, Rag and Bone Hat on Sale, Michael Kors Shirt (Similar for Less HERE), Hermes Belt, J Brand Jeans, Proenza Schouler Shoes, Dior Book Tote (Received from My Bloomingdale's Rewards Points!), Maui Jim Sunnies.
Alice and Olivia CoatRag and Bone Hat on Sale, Michael Kors Shirt Similar for Less HERE, Hermes Belt, J Brand JeansProenza Schouler Shoes, Dior Book Tote Received from My Bloomingdale’s Rewards Points, Maui Jim Sunnies.
It looks fabulous on Serena even with her "mom-not-approved" footwear!
It looks fabulous on Serena even with her “mom-not-approved” footwear!
Alice and Olivia Coat.
I borrowed these beautiful rosegold earrings from my friend, Pam Davies, during our photoshoot! They are available at The Fine Jewelry Bar in Palm Desert.
Alice and Olivia Coat with Dior Book Tote.
Alice and Olivia Coat.
If you look closely, you can see Pam and her daughter, Emma (who photographer me!) in the lens of my shades!
Alice and Olivia Coat.

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