Birds and Bows

I love it when an outfit comes together; it’s like solving a riddle or completing a jigsaw puzzle. This whimsical skirt called out to me this summer at the Saks sale, but it stood lonely and alone, no partner in sight.

Nonetheless, I decided to take the skirt, as it was too cute, and I couldn’t resist its sale price. Once I got home, I tried it with a black knit top, but it felt very lackluster to me, diminishing the quirkiness of the skirt. So I did what any devoted fashionista would do, I headed back to Saks and scoured the racks for a top in black and cream.

I found this Miu Miu sweater with these black birds flying tastefully on one side. It’s cut reminded me of the short-sleeved sweaters my mom wore in the 1950s, and it went perfectly with the a-line “bobby sock” feel of the skirt. We toyed with the idea of wearing a black slip underneath because the bows play peek a boo with my legs. I decided it was not all that risqué, and went for it.

These Aquazzura mules have been the recipient of many a compliment, and I wear them often because although they are high-ish, they are uber comfortable! Regrettably, they were not on sale, but I will have them forever, and they are a classic design. I found similar ones for less and have linked them above. Tasteful whimsy always catches my eye, and this one is a classic.

Miu Miu Sweater, Aquazerra Mules, Miu Miu Sweater, Aquazerra Mules.

Miu Miu Sweater, Aquazerra Mules, 

Miu Miu Sweater, Aquazerra Mules, 

Miu Miu Sweater, Aquazerra Mules, 

Miu Miu Sweater, Aquazerra Mules, 

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