Going Places

Going Places

I have been looking for an all-purpose dress that could take me from a school meeting to a board meeting and then to an evening event without having to change in the middle of the day. What I didn’t expect is that it would cost $118.00!

  CAbi Dress , Barbara Bui Belt, also seen  here , Bottega Veneta Shoes, Caroline De Marchi Handbag, also seen  here , Chanel Shades, Sarah Pacini Necklace,  John Hardy Bracelet , Spinellikilcollin Ring, available at  Savannah Santa Monica , NARS Heat Wave Lipstick. Cabi Dress, Barbara Bui Belt, Bottega Veneta Shoes, Caroline De Marchi Handbag, Chanel Shades, Sarah Pacini Necklace, John Hardy Bracelet, Spinelli Kilcollin Ring, Savannah Santa Monica, NARS “Heat Wave” Lipstick.

This “Brushstroke Dress,” by Cabi achieves all of the above, and does so beautifully. It also got the thumbs up from my husband, Jeff… a huge plus!

I ditched the thin fabric belt that came with the dress and added this wide black Barbara Bui belt for a little drama. Not one to ever shy away from color or anything else for that matter, I have been wearing these coral red Bottega Veneta shoes for over five years, and I never grow tired of them. I was thrilled to see how perfectly they went with the dress. My new favorite bag from Caroline De Marchi completes the outfit perfectly. One should always consider lip color as accessory, as I did here, with NARS, “Heatwave.”

Thank you Cabi—this dress is definitely going places, and I am coming along for the ride!


  • Love your ‘new hair’ and have a sense of where it’s going. It goes well with your chic biker chick outfit, as well as your urban CAbi dress. I loved reading about the feelings associated with your hair. I can certainly identify with them! When I was a wee lass, I gazed longingly at my friends’ curls and prayed that I would one day wake up with Shirley Temple curls. Alas, that day never came! The bottom line is, few of us are happy with the manes we are born with. Either we make due, or find our own personal Farah! (-;

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