The Hiptini

  They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and for Tani Isaacs and her fabulous line of bags and belts, that is certainly the case. “It happened by accident,” she told me, as we chatted in her airy showroom in Santa Monica. “I found an antique belt buckle that I wanted to have made into a belt.” Her only problem was that she couldn’t find an unadorned belt strap. So she decided to do what any business-minded woman on a fashion mission would do, she started her own belt business! She scoured the planet for straps and interesting buckles and designed an easy way to attach them so that they could be interchangeable. All the while she was determined to keep the cost affordable.
  The next item on her agenda was to invent a belt bag that was chic, functional and transportable…. enter the “Hiptini.” I first noticed Tani at a Fierce 50 event here in Los Angeles. She was surrounded by a group of women who were admiring her chic little belt bag. I loved the look and functionality of it and thought it would be the perfect accompaniment for my upcoming trip to Greece. When I asked her how she came up with the idea, she told me that for years she and her girlfriends would find themselves on walks, carrying their cell phones in one hand, their keys in another and their money or credit card in their bras. To call her “Hiptini” genius, is an understatement. This multitasking little bag is the perfect match for any of us who find ourselves running from one thing to the next, usually shlepping overstuffed designer bags that are wreaking havoc on our elbows, shoulders and necks. Her little bags fit easily around the waist or hip, and are so clever, lightweight, ergonomically functional, that you will wonder why nobody has ever thought of this before now. I guarantee you that the Hiptini will decrease your visits to the chiropractor and physical therapist. If you are someone who travels, this bag is a must! Whether you are going to the pool, beach, or museum, the Hiptini will hold your credit card, some cash, your phone, room key and a lipstick. You can even loop your sunglasses through the front closure. Tani has thought of everything! I took mine to Greece, and it's safe to say that my hiptini and I were "joined at the hip!" Since I have been home, it has accompanied me to the gym and grocery store. I can easily pop it into any of my handbags or totes, and go hands-free while I run errands around town. The beauty of this adjustable chain strap is that you can convert it from a belt to a cross body in the blink of an eye. If you prefer to wear it over your shoulder, simply double the chain.
  Oh and did I mention that she also designs jewelry? Tani Isaacs is a multi-talented multi-tasker who has given us a multitude of gift ideas both for ourselves and our friends.

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