The Mod Squad

Bally dress and shoes (both on sale at Bally stores nationwide), Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Worth New York clutch, vintage necklace, Chanel bracelet, Suneera bracelet, Cabi earrings, Spinelli Kilcollin ring, Ann Sisteron pinkie diamond ring

The 1960's is one of my favorite decades; people stripped themselves of uniformity in exchange for individuality and freedom of expression. From fashion and architecture to art and music, this decade was filled with a renaissance of pops of color, rhythms and melodies conjuring messages of change. A new sense of purpose replenished an artistic drought, the results of which remain evident to this day. I am fairly certain that my parents, who were in their twenties during this time, played a huge influence on my love of this era, especially my artistic mother, who was a singer and designer at the time. Our house was filled with the sights and sounds of the times and she dressed in mod clothes of miniskirts, go go boots and London-esque hair and makeup.  I find myself drawn to the fashion of this decade, and so when I laid eyes on this orange dress and white patent leather shoes, both by Bally, I was immediately smitten.  The design elements of this dress are impeccable from its shape to the rear details, it just works on so many levels. The square toed white patent leather shoes, completely reminiscent of the 60's, provide comfort in their square toed design and chunky heel. I picked up this vintage lucite and metal chain necklace at my local jewelry repair shop, where the owner, Chana, sells consignment jewelry. I have discovered many a gem, (no pun intended there), and always keep my eyes peeled when I enter her shop on Pico Blvd. 

What is your favorite decade for art, fashion and music? I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment in the section below!