Bally Dress and Shoes, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Worth New York Clutch, Vintage Necklace, Chanel Bracelet, Suneera Bracelet, Cabi Earrings, Spinelli Kilcollin Ring, Ann Sisteron Pinkie Diamond Ring

The Mod Squad

The 1960s was one of my favorite eras for fashion and art. This dress is so reminiscent of that period of time when change and individuality were expressed through all artistic mediums, especially fashion.

Top, Scarf, Skirt, and Clutch: Worth New York. Prada Pumps, Celine Glasses, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings.

Orange Is the New Black

Never shy away from color, especially now, when loud pops of color are apearing all over the fashion runways. For me, orange is a natural mood changer. It has always suited my skin’s natural yellow undertones.

Mid Length Muse

Mid-Length Muse

Throughout recent years, skirt lengths have gone up and down; right now, they are going down. The “midi” as it …

Lesley Wolman

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