Breaking up is hard to do

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Many people, myself included, think of the suit as one item. In other words, the jacket or in this case, the vest, is married to the skirt or pants. If you belong to this mind-set, you have immediately limited its wear and decreased its value. A few years back, a very smart stylist righted this wrong for me. She instructed me to wear the jacket with other items and like-wise the pants or the skirt. This opened an entirely new world of fashion for me. If you are also under the “suit is one item” spell, let me be the one to break it for you permanently.

Case in point, this punchy ensemble from the Worth New York Summer Collection. Its colorful print is fabulous together, yet equally fabulous when separated. I dressed it down a bit by pairing the vibrant vest with a pair of trendy flared jeans. I love the look of both outfits and the pieces are versatile separates in their own right. I encourage you to try this with one of your suits or ensembles. Please email me a photo. I would love to feature on the blog. Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it is for the best!

  Skirt ,  Camisole  and  Vest  by Worth New York, Sergio Rossi heels, Rayban sunglasses, Worth New York Clutch, Robin Terman choker, necklace and earrings, John Hardy Bracelets, Also seen  here .
Skirt, Camisole and Vest by Worth New York; Sergio Rossi Heels; Rayban Sunglasses, Worth New York Clutch; Robin Terman Choker, Necklace, and Earrings; John Hardy Bracelets.

 Jeans Carmar (available at LF stores), Camisole, vest and  belt  by Worth New York, Chanel shoulder bag. Jeans Carmar (available at LF stores), Camisole, Vest and Belt by Worth New York, Chanel Shoulder Bag.


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