Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup

My new best friend is a Slow Cooker. What could be better than dumping a bunch of healthy ingredients into a pot, turning it on and walking away?! This recipe does just that.

Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Vegetarian Chili

Perfect for this time of year, this vegetarian chili, which is packed with protein got 2 thumbs up from my family. If you don’t own a slow cooker/crockpot, (and this is something that you might consider adding to your kitchen), you can prepare it in a large stovetop pot and cook on low heat.

Balsamic Braised Brisket

Balsamic Braised Brisket

I am always on the lookout for a new brisket recipe, and this one is a definite winner. The longer you marinate it, the better. Your home will be filled with a wonderful aroma as the brisket slowly cooks to perfection.

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