Frame blouse Moncler pants

We The North!

In honor of the Toronto Raptors becoming the new NBA champions, I am celebrating with this red and white outfit!

Scoop NYC Top, McGuire Jeans, Jimmy Choo Pumps, Hermes Belt, Prada Bag, Chanel Bracelet, The Jewelry Bar Bracelets and Earrings.

The Blue and the White

I suppose that you could call me patriotic. I was born and raised a Canadian Jew, lived in Israel for a year, and became a U.S. citizen in 2001. So even though I am a lover of the red and the white (Canada) and the red, white, and blue (America), my heart belongs to the blue and the white (Israel).

The Row Jacket and Pants, Mantu Blouse, Gianvito Rossi Sandals, Prada Bag, Celine Shades.

Whatever Suits You

I love the creativity that comes with putting together an outfit. Many people I know shudder at the thought, but I welcome it with open arms.

Lesley Wolman

All things fabulous! ❤️️

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