Fendi sweater coat

Spring Layers

The calendar claims that it is Spring, yet there is a definite chill in the air. I find that layering in Spring-like colors and florals works well to keep me both warm and season conscious!

A World Curated sweater

Flower Child

I never thought the boho chic/hippie look suited me, but this outfit truly brings out my inner flower child!

Stella McCartney jumpsuit

What’s Your Sign?

Have you ever considered how astrology could influence .your wardrobe choices? You will be pleasantly surprised after reading my interview with Michelle Goldfarb, of Closet Charmer.

Mighty Company Leather Jacket

Suiting Up

I never thought of myself as a biker girl. But after viewing the shots of this outfit, I think I may just suit up!

Well Worth the Wait

Well Worth the Wait

Every item of this outfit was purchased either on sale or with a gift card. You never have to pay full price because if you are patient, it will be well worth the wait!

Lesley Wolman

All things fabulous! ❤️️

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