Bleusalt Malibu

Have you ever heard of Bleusalt Malibu? If not, then you are about to make a very pleasant discovery. Bleusalt Malibu is luxury cashmere clothing line without the luxury price tag. their clothes are made of Tencel Fibers that are derived from sustainably sourced renewable raw wood materials and produced by environmentally responsible processes. What’s amazing is that their clothes are machine washable, which is a huge bonus for me!

Bleusalt Malibu top, scarf and skirt. St. Moran earrings, necklace and large bangle,
YSL black velvet bracelet and sunglasses, Dior handbag.

Also shown is the beautiful jewelry of St. Moran. I have known the designer, Moran Amir for years and it’s always my peasure and honor to support a Jewish owned business. I will continue to feature St.Moran jewelry here on this platform and across my social media platforms, becase not only is it well made and well designed, but it is also the recipient of many compliments!

Dior shoes and handbag

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  • So excited for your upcoming movie!!! Congrats on all your many accomplishments- u r indeed a strong, inspiring Jewish woman👏🤩✡️🇮🇱👏❤️

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