Self Portrait: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

It was Friday at 6:30 PM and we were due at the restaurant at 7:30. The lighting in my backyard was good, and I wanted to photograph my dinner outfit…the only problem was that no one was home. Jeff was running late and wouldn’t be able to take any photos for me. So I did what any fashion influencer or “content creator,” as I now call myself, would do: I set up my tripod and put my phone’s camera on a timer. The results are certainly not professional, as no amount of editing could remedy that. However, I believe that the points I wish to share about how and why I styled this dress in this particular way, will be clear and understandable, so away we go!

Here is a photo of the dress worn by a model. Note how low the plunge of the neckline is. I could not wear it that low, since I am fairly busty. I had the seamstress close up the V ever so slightly and that solved the problem.

I decided to add this wonderful broach that I purchased at the gift shop in the Anu Museum in Tel Aviv; the colors of the broach pick up all the colors of the dress. I also added my black pearls because their dark blue color also plays with the blues of the dress.

I was debating on which bag to go with. I tried this fab little baby blue bag by Bottega Veneta, but I decided that the blue of the bag although identical to the blue of the dress, clashed with the denim shoe.

I decided to go with this orange Gucci bag. There is orange in the dress, and although the broach consists of shades of blue and pink, the bag is far enough away from it so as not to compete with it. I also love to pop color whenever I can, and this bag definitely pops!

A close up shot of these fabulous German Kabirski earrings was needed to show how well they go with the dress. The blue stone and the silver circles play well with everything else, including the strand of pearls. You can use my discount code which is good for anything on the German Kabirski site: lesleywolman15

Sea New York dress ( now on sale and linked below), Anu museum broach, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Gucci bag, Gianvanito Rossi shoes (on sale and linked below), German Kabirski earrings: use code lesleywolman15

It’s not easy to shoot yourself walking when you set the timer for 3 seconds, but this shot reveals the entire outfit, so I am using it to conclude this post!

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