Having A Marcia Moran Bash

Brazilian-born Moran is as unique as her jewelry. A former dentist with a thriving practice in Sao Paulo, she possessed a strong love for fashion and jewelry After nearly 15 years as a dentist, she decided to pursue her dream of jewelry design and turn it into a reality. In 2003 she moved to Los Angeles and began to showcase her jewelry. Marcia worked with Brazilian designers and utilized the spectacular resources of Brazil. Marcia’s striking jewelry is made of either brushed 18kt gold- or rhodium-plated metals, and stunning semi-precious stones; the results are fabulous. I encourage you to visit the Marcia Moran Jewelry website and use my code Lesley15 to save 15% on your purchases!

I had my eye on this cutout dress by Bash and went back and forth on it because I was unsure of whether or not I could wear a cutout at my age. I will admit that I still wear bikinis, so why would a cutout dress intimidate me? I suppose because a bikini at the pool or beach is expected, whereas a cutout in a beautiful dress such as this, is not. The cutout was quite low, exposing a good part of my back. I asked the seamstress at Bloomingdales, where I purchased the dress if she could narrow the opening, thereby decreasing the amount of exposure and allowing me to feel comfortable and confident. She was able to accomplish the task beautifully and the result is below. You can check out the video I did for Instagram and Tik Tok here.

Bash dress on sale here.


  • A beautiful tribute

    A beautiful tribute about a very, very special man..
    Todah Rabah. I couldn’t say it better.


  • Dear Lesley,
    Rabbi David Wolpe as you described him, he is an exceptional man. I did listen to the sermon and the gala speech and I was moved and touched by him.
    To live with a grateful heart and gratitude is a perfect way to live.
    How blessed you, Jeff, family and the entire synagogue to have Rabbi David Wolpe for twenty six years.
    I want to thank you ? so much for sharing.
    You are special to me.

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