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I love fashion; I love it as a form of art. Fashion designers express where we are as a society; the clothes we choose on a day-to-day basis express how we are feeling. Obviously, weather and other external factors play an important part, but generally, we are directed by how we feel in the moment. And that direction is reciprocal. How we feel in our clothes dictates what we choose, and vice versa.

When I chose this cardigan to pair with these leopard print jeans, I was feeling very upbeat. I wanted everything about the color to pop against the subdued tones of the leopard print.

You will notice that I did not shy away from adding a leopard print strap as an accessory; even though the prints are not identical, they mirror each other.

I cannot say enough good things about these booties by Proenza Schouler. The round toe adds so much comfort. The low(ish) block heel made these exceptional travel companions last weekend in Boston.

I try not to shy away from color. It pops all neutral outfits and just makes me happy!

These very Jackie O sunglasses by Oliver Peoples had my name written all over them! I love them!

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  • Hi! So sorry about Covid – I do hope your symptoms continue to be mild & you can get out of the house soon! ??Fred, my husband, has had it twice & I have been really lucky and avoided it so far. Are you taking Paxlovid or any other treatment for it?
    I, too, ponder life often & this bday- number 75- really hit me! Trying to stay present in the moment with my family & friends & trying not to think what”might” be coming for Fred & I- considering our ages( Fred just turned 81 the day after your bday)! So- we r off again next week on a cruise to Mexico for 2 weeks & have some other big trips to look forward to in 2023(Australia and New Zealand), Hawaii & Europe next fall??- just need to stay healthy!
    Sending lots of luv & positive energy your way – you r definitely a bright light in my life?
    Linda(many of my close friends & family call me Linnie if u prefer!)

  • Hi Lesley,
    I’m sorry to hear you tested positive for Covid. The good news so far it sounds like you have not got very sick. You take care of
    yourself. You’re smart so you know what to do, such a special lady.
    I enjoy your blog, and you bring up subjects that are intelligent and thought- provoking questions. I agree with your friend about where our country is at politically. I pray that everyone comes out to vote. Enough said.
    What makes me happy is not being in pain, the unconditional love and care that my husband continues to give me. My friends and staying connected to them and receiving snail mail. I’m a card person, receiving my hugs and happy mail USPS means the world to me. My forever friend sends me typed letters and photographs of her life experience weekly. We say, “we are sisters but with different parents.” Knowing that I’m loved and cared for brings me enormous levels of comfort.
    Sending you a happy and joyful day.

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