One Skirt, Two Ways

Faux leather is everywhere these days, so I have jumped on this trend wholeheartedly. The price is far more affordable than regular leather and the weight is easier to wear. The color of this skirt is exceptional, and it goes with everything. Bearing that in mind, I decided to style it two ways. The first way is what I describe as the more elegant and dressed-up version. This summer, I purchased this beautiful blouse by Veronica Beard, attracted to its color and lightness. The pinks and golden colors blend easily with the burgundy color of the skirt, and they complement each other perfectly. These blush-colored heels add elegance and they elevate (you will pardon the pun), the outfit instantly. This handbag was the perfect color for the shoes; these nudes keep the accessories quite yet present.

For the second look, I wanted to create something equally as wearable but much more casual and comfortable. It didn’t take long to create this outfit. I was recently in Minnesota, where there is no sales tax by the way, and found a store that carried a wide array of cropped sweaters at such a low price, $66.00, that I purchased a few. I am constantly in search of crop tops to pair with all of my high-rise bottoms. This sweater is a perfect match for this skirt, as the colors blend easily. Pairing it with these fabulous pink patent lace-up shoes gives it an instant casual look and I could wear this all day long..and I most definitely will! How fabulous is this Boho bag by Balenciaga?! It’s an iconic shape and I will have this forever. As with all of my bags, I purchased them using my Bloomingdales rewards.

This fabulous sweater is available HERE for $75

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